Driving Lessons - Refresher Driving Lessons


pupils taking refresher lessons after passing her testRefresher driving lessons are ideal for pupils who have had previous driving lessons, or who are near to sitting their driving test. Pupils that have failed their driving test in the past or haven’t driven for a while will find this course ideal. If you have had your driving licence taken away by the courts a refresher course before sitting you test would be perfect for you.

Anniesland’s driving instructors adapt their teaching to whatever level of instruction is required for each individual pupil. Drivers that have passed their driving test in the past, but have not driven for years will benefit from a refresher course of driving lessons.

We offer 1 and 2 hour refresher lessons, and you can pay as you go or book a course of driving lessons. Perhaps you wish to brush up on reversing, parking, night or motorway driving.
We also specialise in pupils that have lived abroad and would benefit from refresher lessons to familiarise themselves with driving on the left.

Refresher Driving Lessons are perfect for: