Driving test safety questions.

Q1. How would you check your tyres?

A1. Make sure that there is no cuts or bulges that there is a minimum of 1.6mm tread depth, and are blown up to the correct pressure using a reliable pressure gauge. The correct pressure is in the owner’s manual in the glove box.

Q2. How would you check the indicators are working properly?
A2 Put the hazard warning lights on and walk round the car to make sure they are all working. (see picture)

Q3. How would you set the demisters to clear the front and rear windows?
A3. Press front and rear windscreen button, increase blower speed and press air conditioning button. (See picture)

Q4. How would you check the handbrake is working properly?
A4. Put footbrake on firmly, apply the handbrake it should not go too many clicks up (3-4). It should feel firm when pressure is applied and should be securing itself.

Q5. How would you check the headlights and tail lights are working properly?
A5. Turn the switch two clicks forward, and then walk round the car to make sure all lights are working properly.

Q6. How would you turn on front and rear fog lights and when would you use them.
A6. Turn on the lights first, then, turn the fog light switch one click forward for front fog lights and 2 clicks for front and back lights and walk round the car to check. When use?

Q7. How would you know there was a problem with the anti-lock braking system?
A7. An orange warning light, with ABS will illuminate on dash. (see picture)

Q8. How would you switch your headlights from main beam to full beam, and how would you know the full beam was on.
A8. Put headlights on and push the arm forward for full beam. There is a blue warning light on dash to warn you.

Q9. How would you tell is the power steering s working properly?
A9. Start the engine and slight movements of the steering wheel should result in slight movement of the wheels; it should feel light to turn.

Q10. How would you clean front and rear windows using wipers and washers?
A10. Front: Pull wiper leaver towards you and hold for a few seconds
Rear: Turn the switch on the end of the wiper 3 clicks forward and hold for
A few seconds.

Q11. How would you check your brakes to start your journey?
A11. Brakes should feel hard and firm, not feel spongy or slack, the pedal should not go down to floor. Car should not pull to one side.

Q12. How would you check the brake lights are working properly?
A12. Put foot on brake pedal and get someone to check they are working properly. You can also use reflections in windows, garage doors etc.

Q13. How would you check the horn is working properly?
A13. Push centre of steering wheel. (off road only)

Q14. How should you adjust your headrest?
A14. The middle of the headrest should be level with your eye, or top of your ears. I.e. as close to your head as possible.

Q15. Identify the windscreen washer filler bottle and show how you would ensure that the level is correct.
A15. Show the examiner the reservoir and tell him it should be filled to the maximum.

Q16. Open bonnet and describe how you would check the engine oil level.
A16. Show the dipstick, tell him you would remove it, clean it with a cloth, put the dipstick back into the engine and remove again. The oil level should be between minimum and maximum.

Q17. Identify how you would check the engine coolant bottle and tell me how you would check the level.
A17. Show the examiner the coolant bottle and point out the minimum and maximum markings on the side of the bottle. (Never open while the engine is warm!!)

Q18. Identify the brake fluid reservoir and show how you would check it’s at a safe limit.
A18.Show the examiner the reservoir and point out the minimum and maximum level markings on the side.