Pupils Revision Area - Turn in the Road


Diagram of a 3 point turn procedure.LOCATION:

Make sure it's a safe, convenient, and legal place to carry out this manoeuvre, avoiding driveways, junctions, and obstacles on the kerb.


Check all mirrors and blind spots before moving, no signal is required.


Use clutch control to go very slowly, but turn the steering wheel quickly right, keeping a constant look out for other vehicles and pedestrians. Turn the wheels back to the left as you approach kerb.


Handbrake on and select reverse gear, look all around before moving.


Go back slowly keeping the car slow looking over your left shoulder turning the wheel briskly left. As you get near the kerb look over your right shoulder and turn the steering wheel right.


Handbrake on and select 1st gear, check all about for other road users approaching.


If safe crawl forward slowly turning the wheel briskly right and pull round and straighten up when straight. If any other vehicles approach, stop and give way to them. If you find you are going to hit the kerb, stop and repeat parts 2 and 3 again. If you hit the kerb or fail to give way to other road users you will fail!